Perlite Filter Aid (PFA) for Vacuum & Pressure Filtration

Filtration is the process of separating a suspended solid such as a precipitate from the liquid in which it is already suspended by straining it through a porous medium that can be penetrated easily by liquid. Industrial filtration methods are classified according to the driving force that is applied. Pressure and vacuum filtration techniques are the most commonly applied and involve the use of perlite filter aid as precoat and/or body feed.

Perlite Filter Aid and the Circular Economy

The circular economy targets the elimination of waste and the continual use of resources. This realizes mutual benefits to producers, consumers and the planet as a whole. The use of expanded perlite as filter aid is a well-established application that inevitably results in the production of a considerable amount of spent filter-cake.

Perlite Filter Aid for Recreational Water Filtration

Fully natural and chemically inert, perlite is affordable and highly effective for removing contaminates from pool water. Filtration is one of the most widely applied techniques for the removal of insoluble contaminates from recreational pool water. Fully natural, lightweight and chemically inert, perlite filter aid offers a high performance, yet cost effective, method for the removal of microbes, bacteria, and …

Perlite for Water Quality Management

The physical character of expanded perlite lends itself to a variety of special purposes—including various applications in the broad category of water quality management. For a detailed explanation of perlite expansion see information sheet: Why Perlite Works Storm Water Filtration Due to its high surface area, neutral pH and irregular, porous surface texture, expanded perlite is ideally suited for a variety …

Perlite for Filtration

The physical character of expanded perlite is ideal for use as a filter aid separating small solid particles from liquids. Lightweight expanded perlite bubble structures are milled and classified using strictly defined processes to produce perlite filter aids with specific flow characteristics. The various grades utilize the jagged interlocking structures to create billions of microscopic channels between the filter aid …