Perlite: The Mineral for Healthy Plants

Expanded perlite provides space for both air and water within a soil mix.

Natural soil is made up of four components: minerals, organic material, air, and water. When buying plants for your home or garden they should be grown in soil containing all of these elements.

The unique characteristics of expanded perlite qualify it as one of the most desirable mineral components in commercial growing medias for over 50 years. The porous surface of expanded perlite provides space for both air and water within a soil mix. Perlite is a naturally occurring mineral—derived from volcanic obsidian—and has proven itself as a consistent ingredient that improves the characteristics of every organic material it is mixed with, including peat moss, compost, bark, coir, or in native soil. It is the mineral catalyst that enhances the effectiveness of the other three soil components. Consumers appreciate the longevity of plants grown in soils containing perlite.


  • A naturally occurring mineral aggregate.
  • Will not compact, maintaining consistent aeration and drainage for plant roots.
  • Will not decompose over time, depleting soil nitrogen.
  • Sterile—free of weeds, diseases, and pests.
  • Lightweight and ready to use.
  • Neutral pH—a reliable constant when mixing with organic materials.


For information on perlite sustainability, see the PDF information sheet: Sustainability Fact Sheet

To download a .pdf of the Perlite for Healthy Plants brochure, click here.

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