Supreme Perlite Company

Portland, Oregon

Founded in 1954, Supreme Perlite is the Pacific Northwest’s oldest and largest perlite expander. Family-owned with operations base in Oregon, USA, Supreme perlite products are distributed throughout the northwestern US, Western Canada, and into the Pacific Rim.


Supreme Perlite makes perlite grades for Horticulture, Construction, Industrial, Filtration, Insulation, and Environment markets.

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Contact Frank Petterson
Mailing Address 4600 North Suttle Road
Portland, Oregon
Phone 503-286-4333
Fax 503-283-1068


Supreme Perlite Company

4600 North Suttle Road
Portland, Oregon 97217
Phone: 503-286-4333
Fax: 503-283-1068
  • Construction Construction
  • Filtration Filtration
  • Horticulture Horticulture
  • Industrial Industrial
  • Insulation Insulation
  • Ore Ore

The Supreme Perlite Co plant.