Pull Rhenen b.v.

Rhenen, Netherlands

Substrate producer PULL Rhenen is the only producer of Perlite and Vermiculite in the Netherlands.

We continually focus on delivering sustainable, high-quality products centred around custom solutions and professionalism. In the last 60 years substrate producer PULL Rhenen has become a leading company providing unique cultivation solutions for the horticultural market and insulation products for the industrial sector.

The basic raw materials (Perlite and Vermiculite), PULL processes into customer-specific semi-finished and finished products. Years of experience have resulted in extensive knowledge. Today this knowledge focuses specifically on the development and production of substrate products that are entirely geared for use in horticultural cultivation in the Netherlands and neighbouring European countries.


Characteristic for our basic products is the fact that they are all pure & light. Furthermore, the products mentioned below are made with extreme attention to high quality and custom solutions. For the horticultural market we produce: Agra-perlite (for peat mixes), Substraat-perlite (for hydroponics) and Agra-vermiculite (for peat mixes and seedlings). Further, Perlite is used in the industrial market as insulation material, as lightweight additive for mortar, high and extremely low temperature insulation, insulation for fireplaces and chimney flues, underground pipe insulation, floor insulation and levelling, fall insulation and wall insulation (loose fill).

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Mailing Address Postbus 15
Utrechtsestraatweg 222
Rhenen, Netherlands
3911 TX
Phone (31) 318-471001
Fax (31) 318-472088
Email rmark@pullrhenen.nl
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Pull Rhenen b.v.

Postbus 15
Utrechtsestraatweg 222
Rhenen, Netherlands 3911 TX
Phone: (31) 318-471001
Fax: (31) 318-472088
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