PMC Mining, Engineering and Machinery Co.

Istanbul, Turkey

With 35 years of experience in the field, PMC Mining, Engineering and Machinery Co. develops and manufactures various equipment for the use of perlite expansion and mineral milling/grinding.

PMC Company believes that the art and technology behind the expansion of perlite and grinding of minerals have evolved and will continue to evolve with respect to sectoral diversification, technological advancements and changing demands of related industries. Thus, PMC Company offers systems that are fully capable of responding to such advancements and changes through sophisticated design, high quality of materials and craftsmanship, increased efficiency and capacity.

PMC Company operates based on values built on reliability and confidence with its clients from design phase to the final phase including post-purchase commissioning and consultancy services fulfilling the standards of CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


  • Vertical Expansion Furnaces
  • Complete Line of Perlite Expansion Systems
  • Portable Perlite Expansion Systems
  • Perlite Filter Aid Production Systems
  • Rotary Ore Pre-heaters
  • Laboratory Type Perlite Expansion Test Furnaces
  • Low Float Cage Mill
  • Mineral Grinding/Milling Equipment
  • Bagging Machines

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Contact Burcu Bertan
Mailing Address Sedef Cad 38 Ada Ata Blok 3/1 D: 287
Atasehir, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone +90 216 580 82 80
Fax +90 216 580 82 88


PMC Mining, Engineering, and Machinery Co.

Sedef Cad 38 Ada Ata Blok 3/1 D: 287, Atasehir
Istanbul, Turkey 34758
Phone: +90 216 580 82 80
Fax: +90 216 580 82 88
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