Hess Perlite

Malad City, Idaho

HESS PERLITE mines, expands and processes frothy white perlite for industrial use in a wide range of applications—including horticulturalinsulativeconstructionfiltrationfireproofing, and agricultural applications.

The mine is located in Southeastern Idaho approximately 27 miles Northwest of the processing plant in Malad. Although the mine has been in operation since 1965, there are still over 10 million tons of perlite reserves remaining, all on patented ground.


Hess Perlite produces the standard perlite grades but will gladly process perlite to any spec you require and ship it where ever you need it in the world.

Contact Us

Contact Jake Hess
Mailing Address PO Box 209
100 Hess Drive
Malad City, Idaho
Phone 208-766-4777
Fax 208-766-4776
Email jake@hesspumice.com
Website http://www.hessperlite.com/


Hess Perlite

PO Box 209
100 Hess Drive
Malad City, Idaho 83252
Phone: 208-766-4777
Fax: 208-766-4776
  • Construction Construction
  • Filtration Filtration
  • Horticulture Horticulture
  • Industrial Industrial
  • Insulation Insulation
  • Ore Ore

The Hess Perlite mine at Wright’s Creek in Southeast Idaho.

Expansion furnace where perlite ore is super-heated and “popped.”