Perlite Concrete Mix


I downloaded your publication “Overview of Perlite Concrete” and plan to make test batches from your table of 11 mix designs on page two. The sixth column is labeled “Admix (A&B)” with superscript A assigned to “Air Entrainment” and superscript B assigned to ‘Pozzolith 300-N (fl.ox.).” I do not understand the numbers regarding air entrainment. The first row, for example, shows a 1:8 ratio of cement to Perlite that uses 16 gallons of water and “28” admix A. What value does the “28” refer to? Would I be looking for a percentage of air entrainment or for something else? Also, the eighth row shows a 1:3 ratio of cement to Perlite that uses 7.5 gallons of water and an admix of “7.” There is no superscript assigned to the “7.” Does the “7” refer to air entrainment or to pozzolith? I purchased Perlite from Willamette Greystone and ordered Fritz-Pak air entraining admixture from our Mason’s Supply. I’ll be ready to begin the test batches as soon as I understand the meaning of the air entrainment numbers in column 6 of your table.


The perlite concrete bulletin lists some typical blends that are used in such mixes. The key element is the impact of various perlite/concrete mixes. It is recognized that mixes are made specifically for the type of environments that they are used in. So, the specific air entrainment, pozzolan and admix are just generic. One should check with their local cement supplier to see just what they normally use for the environment that exists in their area. These minor ingredients do not have a significant impact on the strengths of the mix.

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